Trademark Registration

There are two types of marks: trademarks and service marks. A trademark distinguishes the source of goods and a service mark the source of services. This means that a trade or service mark distinguishes the goods and services of an individual or an enterprise from those of others.

Trade and Service Marks are registrable in all classes of the International Classification established by the Nice Union, to which Aruba is a party. Registered trademarks are effective as of the date of filing. Trademark owners, not domiciled in Aruba are required to submit their application through a Trademark Agent authorized by the Aruba Trademark Bureau. Our attorneys are authorized by the Bureau to act as Trademark Agents.

Although protection of a trademark is derived by first use in Aruba, it is strongly recommended to have same registered for protection. The trademark owner who obtains registration of a mark first is also considered the first user of the mark and has exclusive right of use, but solely in the classes the mark is registered.

To register a trade mark in Aruba please contact us.